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Nissan Battery Service & Replacement

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs, and getting stranded with a car that won’t start is one of the most frustrating among them. Fortunately, this sort of problem can easily be avoided with a proper, high-quality OEM battery, which we always have in stock at Bernardi Nissan of Wellesley. Not only are these batteries designed expressly for your Nissan’s specifications, but they’re also covered by an 84-month limited warranty.

If your vehicle’s battery is a few years old, there are a few ways you can detect the signs of failure before you find yourself stranded. Below, we’ll go over the common warning signs of a failing battery, what you can do to maintain it between maintenance visits, and how batteries lose their potency over time.

What Are the Signs of a Faulty Battery?

For most people, it can be difficult to determine whether their car’s battery is nearing the end. While our well-trained service technicians at Bernardi Nissan are always able to discover and address battery-related issues during routine maintenance visits, there are some things you can look out for in between visits. Two of the major warning signs of a poor battery include a buildup of corrosion or bulges within the battery casing. This last issue can be quite serious as it can indicate a buildup of gasses, so if you notice this sign, have your car towed to our service bay immediately. If you simply see a bit of corrosion around the battery’s contact points, you can clean that on your own using a simple wire brush and a solution of water and baking soda.

What Causes Battery Deterioration?

Quite simply, age is the biggest reason that a battery will lose its vitality and need to be replaced. If it’s not the vehicle’s original battery and you don’t know how old it is, you can check for a date sticker on the battery itself (example: 4/17 will indicate April 2017). If you don’t see a sticker, look for an alphanumeric code, which can either be located on the battery itself or engraved on its casing. The first character in the code will be a number from zero to nine that represents the digit of the year the battery was manufactured (0 for 2010, 1 for 2011, 2 for 2012, and so on). Keep in mind that the numbers reset with each decade. The letters in the code correspond to the month, with A being January, B being February, C being March, etc.

Another major battery-buster is frigid weather, which stresses the battery and adversely affects its ability to get the car started. If your battery is aging, your best bet is to replace it – especially in the fall before the weather gets really cold. Frigid conditions make it more likely that you’ll find yourself with a car that won’t start – and nobody wants to break down and have to wait for assistance without being able to run the car for heat. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, schedule an appointment with our service techs at Bernardi Nissan of Wellesley. In no time at all, they can outfit your car with a new OEM Nissan battery that will give you peace of mind and keep your car running for the long haul.

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